On the Road Again with DriveMode

Do you know how many accidents are caused by people using their mobile phones? I don’t either but it’s probably more than anyone is reporting. Fortunately, if you’re a responsible citizen, there are some solutions to make sure you’re not the cause of the trouble.

Drivemode, for example is a very interesting app that will totally change the way you use your phone while driving. The app features a a “no look” interface that allows users to do what they should be doing being the wheel – focus on the road (but all while accessing their favorite Android features).

While DriveMode users still need to rely on only broad swipes, taps or voice to control navigation, change songs, contact friends and respond to messages, it’s pretty easy to do without looking at the screen because as you get used to it, you’ll notice that you just need to rely on our voice narration, bright colors and large animation using your peripheral vision.

DriveMode offers variety of unique features. There is an overlay music player on top of the navigation features, an the app provides voice reply capabilities to text messages, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp as well. Additional features include change of destination when you receive a message with a street address. Automatic launch and close using Bluetooth paring. Smart prediction and recommendation. “Do not disturb” that ignores all calls and messages but offers auto-reply texting.

Drivemode’s automotive grade interface is so safe that various automakers like Honda are talking to the app builder to Adopt Drivemode into automobile interfaces.

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