Organize Meetings with a Simple Invite

Invite App for iOS

Microsoft is helping make it easier for business professionals to organize meetings on the go with its Invite app.

Invite is currently available for iPhone in the U.S. and Canada, but coming soon to Windows Phone and Android phones. The app works best for people with Office 365 business and school subscriptions, but also works with email, including Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo.

To leverage the app, users simply need to suggest meeting times and then invite the attendees. Anyone with an email address can be invited, even if they are outside the user’s organization. Once the invite is sent, the attendees select the times that work best for them, and also have the ability to see what options work best for other attendees. After everyone has responded, the meeting organizer can choose the final date and time based on the attendee responses. Then the organizer simply taps “Send Calendar Invites” to get the meeting information on everyone’s calendars.

“With Invite you won’t have to worry about whether attendees are inside or outside your organization, what platform they’re on, or whether they have less important meetings squatting on valuable calendar space,” Microsoft says in its blog announcement.  “Say hello to a simple mobile app that lets you find meeting times that work for everyone from anywhere. Invite. Accept. Done.”

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