Phantom Disables Screenshots

Once you put something up on the Internet, it’s out there forever…or at least it was.

There’s a new app available in the Google and iOS app store’s called Phantom, which allows users to set a “self-destruct” time on their photos and videos. Once the content vanishes, it is not only deleted from whatever site it was posted on, but also from Phantom’s servers. Users have the ability to set the self-destruct time (anywhere from 5 minutes to 7 days), as well as the viewing time (1-9 seconds) and number of views (e.g. the first 100 people).


The most interesting part of Phantom, however, is the fact that content cannot be saved. In fact, all saving and screenshot capabilities are disabled while viewing the image. Moreover, users that try to screenshot an image or video will be banned from viewing pictures and videos in the future.

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