Put this Virtual Travel Guide on Your Radar

Yahoo's Radar App

There is a new travel app that you might want to put on your radar.

The iOS app, dubbed Radar, is essentially a virtual travel guide. The app delivers personalized recommendations of activities and restaurants to users. The results are collected from across the Web, with the app combining Yahoo’s expertise in search, communications and content to help users explore U.S. cities.

To leverage the app, users simply need to sign in with their Yahoo Mail email address and Radar will use the upcoming flight, hotel and rental car confirmation receipts from a user’s inbox to help them prepare for the trip. That said, users can also connect email providers like Gmail, Outlook, AOL and Hotmail to their Yahoo Inbox in order to have Radar surface information from those inboxes as well.

With the app, users can create their own bucket lists, receive tips from other travelers, filter recommendations based on preferences and month of travel, as well as receive check-in reminders and notifications of flight delays, gate changes and cancellations. This app is not only handy for those that love to travel, but also for professionals looking to do a little sightseeing during their next business trip.

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