Reminiscing Made Easy

Memoir App

Technology has made a lot of life’s simple pleasures easier – from making it effortless for people to connect with old friends through Facebook, to simplifying the business discovery process for travelers exploring a new city via Yelp.

Now, however, technology is also making memories easier to relive with apps like Memoir. Memoir is an iOS app that can be leveraged to sync up to a user’s camera roll, Mac, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and Dropbox accounts. In doing so, users can take a trip down memory lane by revisiting photos from the past.

For example, the app resurfaces photos taken in the past, such as “3 years ago today,” so users can reminisce about events like vacations, graduations or a simple lunch date with an old friend. What’s more, Memoir can find the photos a user’s friend took but never shared, which enables users to request those images and save them to their own photo library.

It is important to note that all of the photos and memories that Memoir surfaces are completely private unless the user decides to share the content. That said, Memoir also predicts the friends that users may want to share their memories with, making the reminiscing process as convenient as possible.

Memoir is available for download in Apple’s App Store for free, and works with both the iPhone and Apple Watch.

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