Remote Access Applications – Most Popular in 2011

Now that's remote!
Now that's remote!

Photo by Menesis

Remote access applications are not used all that frequently by the non-geek masses but they are gaining in popularity.

Readers are likely familiar with LogMeIn, WebEx (Cisco Systems) and GotoMyPC (Citrix), but how about TeamView, Soonr or Homepipe? Gigaom did a write-up of today but as you will see below there are many options on the market – many more far more well known or at least comparative in price and features.

HomePipe is a service that allows users to securely access and share files remotely on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines, through a web app and free mobile apps for iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7.

Developers, IT professionals and the tech savvy of course could set up a VPN, use VNC or my absolute favorite of RDP – Direct Remote Desktop Protocol.

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