Say Hello to On-Demand Yoga

Professionals are constantly on the go in today’s world, with very little time to sit back, relax and clear their mind. When professionals are able to cut out a few minutes in their hectic days, however, it’s important they do just that.

One app that can help professionals not only relax, but also give their body a workout is Yoga Studio.

The Yoga Studio app offers a variety of courses (65) for users in every skill range. Each course lasts anywhere from 10 minutes to a full hour. There are also four key areas of concentration for the courses: strength, flexibility, relaxation and balance. Users are able to select which area of concentration they would like to work on before each session as well as select a combination for a more in-depth workout. For those more advanced, users are also able to alter the order and duration of each pose for a custom, tailored experience.

Yoga Studio is only available on iOS devices.

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