Skyhook in Grindr “All Male” App

Location-based “all-male” (gay and bisexual) mobile network Grindr has integrated Skyhook’s Location Engine in its Android app to augment the native location system in Android.

The Grindr app offers users a display of who is immediately around them (through GPS) and lets them chat with these locals, trade “stats”, show photos and send instant messages. Grindr, is available on iOS, Android and Blackberry.

“Determining location quickly is absolutely essential to Grindr because users are accessing the app on the go and in real-time,” said Joel Simkhai, founder and CEO at Grindr. “Users want to connect with people nearby, so location accuracy is very important. Skyhook helps Grindr deliver a solid location-based user experience.”

Grindr’s recently-launched Android version has reached nearly 236,000 downloads in the first three months of release. On a daily basis, 499,700 Grindr members log on and spend an average of 1.5 hours using the app, 8,000 new users are joining the Grindr network every day.

“Skyhook’s goal on the Android platform is to provide developers with the best location system possible,” said Ted Morgan, founder and CEO at Skyhook. “Top apps like Grindr which rely heavily on location services continue to integrate our SDK, proving the value and superiority of our technology.”

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