So Simple a Caveman Can Do It…But Can You?

When it comes to mobile games, there are a variety of challenges that developers must conquer if they wish to produce a successful product – with the biggest being screen size.

Often times the more complicated a game is the more crowded the screen becomes due to the buttons and features necessary for the user to complete the journey the game takes them on. Simple games, however, allow developers to design a clean and immersive environment for users to get lost in.

Flow Free is a simple strategy game where users connect the dots to create colored pipes without allowing the pipes to intersect with one another. The simple premise of the game is matched only be the simplicity of dragging your finger across the screen to create each pipe. While the game may be rudimentary in its design, it allows the user to focus in on the challenge of each level instead of being distracted by other features on the screen.

To keep users coming back, the game contains multiple sizes of playing boards that offer increasingly difficult challenges as the size of the board increases.

Flow Free is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

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