Songza Selects Songs to Suit your Mood

If you’re a music lover, there’s a new app worth checking out that acts as your own personal music concierge – enabling you to listen to your favorite jams based on real life situations and activities.

  • Want to listen to music by the pool? – There’s a playlist for that.
  • Need some mellow music for studying? – There’s a playlist for that.
  • Time to discover brand new music? – Yep, you guessed it, there’s a playlist for that too.

Songza enables users to listen to various playlists for different activities and situations, so that the right music is always played at the right time. Once an activity or situation is selected, such as “brand new music”, users must make further choices to filter their preferences, such as “top 40”, “hip hop/rap”, or “indie and underground”. Then Songza puts together a playlist based on the chosen activity and filtered preferences of the user.

Once a playlist is created users can save it to a list of favorites, so that they can easily access it later without having to filter through their preferences again. Additionally, when a song is playing, users can choose to share the song via Facebook, Twitter or email, or even purchase the song on iTunes (in the iOS app). This music concierge app also offers users a popular tab for finding trending playlists, as well as an explore tab for discovering different types of music.

Similar to popular music app Pandora, Songza offers playlists based on user’s individual preferences, but unlike Pandora, Songza focuses on activities and situations rather than songs and artists. Furthermore, Songza is not only a free app in both the iTunes and Google Play App Stores, but is also audio-commercial free.


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