Ask Life Questions with SoulPancake

Find out the answers to some of life’s biggest questions with a yummy new iOS application called SoulPancake.

The app is an extension of the SoulPancake website, which was founded by actor Rainn Wilson (from NBC’s The Office). Both the site and app encourage users to start discussions based on art, culture, science, philosophy, spirituality and humor.

The app’s iTune description states that, “SoulPancake is a place to talk about stuff that matters – a community of people figuring out what it means to be human.” And while some questions posed on the site are very deep, others take a more amusing approach. For example, one of the first inquiries I discovered when reviewing this app was, “Why do we make fake phone calls?”

Upon launching the app, users must sign-in with a SoulPancake account or existing Facebook profile. Then, users can start conversations based on questions, quotes, videos, links or pictures. It is also easy to monitor communications with other users via the app’s “Conversations” and “Interactions” tab at the bottom of the homescreen.

Additionally, it is important to note that the website syncs with the mobile app – meaning that questions posted to the site will also show up within the app, and visa versa. Those who are interested in keeping up with SoulPancake’s fascinating topics can download the app for free within the Apple App Store.

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