Spruce Up Your Calendar with Stickers

For busy business professionals, it can be a challenge to stay on schedule without the help of an accessible and detailed calendar.

Fortunately, smartphones have presented a remedy to this problem, as many come equipped with pre-installed calendars that are ready to be synced and updated to keep users on schedule. Those who want a more visually appealing way to schedule their day, however, may want to check out the SolCalendar app.

SolCalendar is an app for Android users that syncs up with Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, Daum Calendar, Google Tasks and more. The app features daily and weekly weather forecasts, as well as supports lunar and holiday calendars for 41 countries. That said, SolCalendar’s stand out feature is Stickers. With Stickers, users are able to illustrate their days with symbolic icons to not only make  their calendars more visually appealing, but to also help them identify daily events with just a quick glance at their schedule.

The app is currently free to download in the Google Play Store.


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