Start Inventing with Quirky

If you are one of those people who are always thinking up inventions, you will be glad to know that you can start taking steps to make your ideas a reality – with the help of Quirky.

Quirky is an iOS app that enables users to develop ideas, collaborate and create new products. Through the app, users can submit an idea, make contacts, vote on other products, revise existing products and even turn a profit. However, although a free app, users must pay a $10 submission fee to submit an idea to Quirky.

Quirky brings two new products to the market every week, and users receive revenue from the products based on how much influence and input they contributed toward its development. The app tracks the influence of community members in order to reward them when products sell.

Users earn influence by submitting ideas, interacting with other ideas (voting, rating and commenting), committing to products during pre-sales and helping during the product development stage. For each product that is manufactured and sold, the Quirky community receives 30 percent of the total revenue that is generated by direct sales of the product on, as well as 10 percent of the revenue from indirect sales via wholesale orders and worldwide retail sales. That share of product revenue is then divided among all the community members that influenced the product, based on their corresponding influence percentage.

Don’t lose another genius idea, and start inventing from the palm of your hand!


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