Start Networking with LinkedIn Connected

LinkedIn is having a busy summer. Not only did the company release a Job Search app in June, but now the social network has also introduced the LinkedIn Connected app.

The LinkedIn Connected app for iPhone is essentially a new version of LinkedIn’s Contacts app that was launched last year. That said, Connected aims to provide relationship-building opportunities to its users. The app does this by giving users relevant and timely reasons to reach out to connections.

For instance, Connected features a card-based interface that makes it simple for users to take actions, such as congratulating a connection on their work anniversary or new job. The app also lets users know when a connection has been mentioned in the news and reminds users to connect with people they recently had a meeting with.

It is important to note that LinkedIn Connected can sync up with a user’s contacts and calendar. If users leverage this feature, they can also turn on push notifications to have the app send pre-meeting intelligence and reminders before the start of meetings.

“We know relationships matter to you because in an average week there are more than nine million comments, likes and congratulations posted across LinkedIn for updates like job changes, birthdays, being mentioned in the news and work anniversaries,” LinkedIn states in a blog post. “Reach out when people in your network hit important milestones and you can see some pretty incredible dividends.”

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