Stay Dry with Storm Alerts

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is a weather app for iOS devices that aims to keep users dry by alerting them of potential storms before they start.

The app offers hyperlocal forecasts and leverages technology that helps it predict when it will rain or snow in a user’s exact location. The apps’ push notifications are particularly useful, as they notify users of a variety of weather situations from light rain to severe storms. This helps users plan their day so they can decide to walk the dog before a storm hits or take their lunch break before it snows.

In addition to Dark Sky’s predictive technology and weather notifications, the app also offers a detailed look at the forecast for the next 24 hours, a day-by-day summary of the week’s weather, interactive weather animations and more. In fact, users can interact with the app’s map simulations and pull storms back and forth through time. Moreover, Dark Sky provides a breakdown of current conditions where a user is standing, including data on wind speed and direction, humidity, pressure and visibility.

It is important to note that Dark Sky is powered by Forecast, which is a weather service built specifically for the app. Dark Sky is currently available for $3.99 for both iPhone and iPad. Plus, the company offers an Apple Watch app too.


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