Stay Focused on the Work at Hand

FocusDots iOS App

If you find it difficult to concentrate on the work at hand without becoming distracted by things like email and social networks, consider downloading the FocusDots app.

FocusDots is an iOS app that works as a digital timer to help its users focus better by breaking work time down into smaller increments. For instance, users can decide on a task and then start the timer for 25 minutes. Then, the user must focus on that task until the timer rings. Once the timer rings, the user can take a short five minute break. After repeating this cycle four times (or as the app states, completing four “Dots”), users can take a 15 minute break. This type of time management technology aims to help keep users focused on tasks and stay free of distractions.

It is also important to note that FocusDots features a minimalistic design as well as offers a variety of themes for users to choose. Plus, FocusDots features famous quotes to help further inspire and motivate its users.

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