Stop Hackers in Their Tracks with mSecure

The Internet is truly a never ending playground for its users. However, just as there are bullies on the playground in the real world, there are bullies in the digital world too.

With seemingly continuous reports of hackers breaking into Internet users accounts and profiles, password security has taken the center stage in the fight against the digital bullies. Unfortunately, many people are still creating passwords that are easy to crack.

To help users protect their information through the creation of the strongest level of passwords possible, mSeven Software has created an app called mSecure Password Manager. MSecure Password Manager not only generates the strongest passwords possible but also stores them in case users forget (which happens quite frequently on the ‘Net). Before the app creates a password, users can specify the length of the password and the type of characters it contains.

The app is available on iOS and Android devices for $9.99 as well as on Mac and Windows desktop computers for $19.99.

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