Stop Hitting Snooze

Microsoft's Mimicker Alarm App

If you make a habit out of hitting the “snooze” button every morning, it may be time to start waking up the first time your alarm goes off by downloading the Mimicker Alarm app by Microsoft.

The app requires users to leverage their surroundings to complete a game in order to dismiss their alarm. According to Microsoft, each game is powered by Microsoft Project Oxford, which is a platform of machine learning REST APIs available for anyone to use. The games, which Microsoft calls “Mimics” range from snapping a selfie to repeating a tongue twister and even getting out of bed to match a certain color.

According to Microsoft, the Mimicker Alarm app took three months to build, and the company leveraged three different Microsoft Project Oxford APIs for each of the Mimics featured within the app. For example, the Emotion API is used for the Mimic in which a user must snap a selfie that mimics the emotion listed. On the other hand, the Computer Vision API is used for the Mimic that tells users to take a picture of a given color, while the Speech API is used for the Mimic that requires users to accurately repeat a tongue twister.

“The tricky part of the project came when fine tuning the difficulty of each Mimic – how can we make the games hard enough to help you wake up but not too hard to complete? To solve this, we did a lot of testing and woke up with the alarm every morning to make sure each game had the difficulty set perfectly,” Microsoft stated in its announcement.

The Mimicker App is currently available for Android devices and is free to download in the Google Play Store.

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