Microsoft's Fetch App

Microsoft is Trying to Make Fetch Happen

Microsoft must be a fan of the movie “Mean Girls,” because the technology company just launched a new mobile app called Fetch. The app, which is released through Microsoft Garage, can be used to identify and classify dogs by breeds and to tell users what kind of human personality fits…

Walk for a Dog App

Walk Your Dog for a Cause

Most dog owners take their fuzzy friends for daily walks, but many do not know that these walks can add up to some serious cash for an animal organization of their choice. The “Walk for a Dog” app, for instance, enables users to track their walking activity while also donating to a…

Bring Fido iOS App

Discover Dog-Friendly Locations Near You

It is not uncommon for dog lovers to want to bring their furry friend with them everywhere. Unfortunately, the majority of businesses have policies in place that forbid canines from coming inside. This makes it challenging for dog owners to find locations that will be accepting of their friendly pooch….