TEDtalks to Us on the Go


TED, the popular nonprofit organization, has recently updated its self-titled app. Once downloaded, the free app allows viewers to watch more than 1,400 TEDtalks on iOS devices and more than 1,700 on Android devices. Viewers can also enable subtitles for each video. Moreover, on iOS devices the app allows for the viewer to watch the videos on their T.V. via the AirPlay feature.

Within the app users are able to browse by tags, themes and even language. Once the user selects a video they have the option to stream the video instantly, save the video to a playlist, download the video for offline viewing or download the video’s audio (not available for all videos) for easy on-the-go listening.

The app is available on iOS and Android devices as well as Windows Phone (features may vary depending on the device being used).

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