Test Your Journalistic Skills with Demotix

Being in the right place at the right time could potentially turn into a profitable experience.

Citizen journalism network Demotix has launched a free iOS app, which enables anyone to test their journalistic skills by uploading and selling raw, breaking news images and videos directly from the field.

The Demotix app for iPhone and iPad devices enables users to upload up to 25 images or videos of newsworthy events. Once the content has been uploaded, users also have the ability to add titles, captions, summaries and can navigate entries using swipe technology.

“Today’s news belongs to its witnesses, and Demotix seeks to empower them,” says CEO, Turi Munthe. “We built Demotix to give the person on the street a voice: now our network of 30,000 photographers and videographers stretches from Boston to Baku, and so does our network of clients.”

Demotix’s team verifies every piece of news that hits the site. Then, the company licenses the best content to mainstream news organizations around the world and splits the proceeds 50:50 with its contributors. In fact, Demotix has even sold content that has appeared on the front covers of Time Magazine, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

“We believe journalists – wherever and whoever they are – deserve to be paid for their work,” says Munthe. “It’s not an easy job – it takes time, dedication and talent.”

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