The Key to SMS Messaging for Merchants

Shopkey iOS App

Shopify merchants will be able to better serve their customers via SMS, thanks to the new iOS keyboard app dubbed Shopkey.

Shopkey, which is an e-commece keyboard app for Shopify, gives merchants instant access to their product catalog across all messaging and social apps. This is beneficial because messaging apps are becoming a popular customer service channel, and having the Shopkey keyboard handy enables Shopify merchants to better serve – and sell to – their customers.

For example, merchants can leverage the keyboard to quickly send links for products and paste product images into conversations. The keyboard also gives merchants the ability to search their entire catalog from their keyboard. It is also important to note that Shopkey can be leveraged within apps like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Hangouts, WeChat, Pinterest and Instagram. This means that the Shopkey keyboard is not only handy as a customer service tool, but also could make it easier for merchants to post links and photos to social sites via mobile. The app is currently only available for iOS.

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