’Tis the Season of GIFs

Tumblr iOS App

Tumblr is in the GIF-giving spirit, as the company updated its iOS app to include a GIF maker.

With the new tool, any video or burst on a user’s iOS device can be turned into a GIF, edited and posted directly to Tumblr. Users simply need to open a new photo post and pick a video or a burst to turn it into a GIF. Then, users can crop the GIF, zoom into it, trim it, make it slow, make it loop and make it rebound back and forth. Users can also make a bunch of GIFs and turn them into a photoset.

What’s more, Tumblr unveiled some tips to help users create better GIFs. For starters, Tumblr notes shorter GIFs look better and that the 1.5x is a very smooth speed. The company also says that bursts make very good GIFs.

The update is currently available on iOS devices and is expected to be made available on Android soon.

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