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Sleep Cycle alarm clock

Most people hate being woken up from a deep sleep by their alarm clock, but there is a mobile app that helps remedy this problem.

The Sleep Cycle alarm clock, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, tracks users sleep patterns and wakes them up in their lightest sleep phase. According to the developers behind the app, waking up in the lightest sleep phase is important because it is the most natural way to wake up feeling completely rested for the rest of the day.

Sleep Cycle leverages the built-in microphone from a user’s smartphone to analyze movements as he or she sleeps. The app then analyzes the user’s different sleep phases and can be set to wake up the user at his or her regular time or within a 90-minute window when the user is in the lightest sleep cycle. Additionally, users can measure their daily physical activity to see how it affects their sleep quality and export data to Excel for analysis.

There is also a premium version of the app that offers online backup of sleep data, long term trend comparison, sleep notes, enables users to see how weather affects their sleep quality and more. The premium subscription is $1.99 per year. It is also important to note that the Sleep Cycle app maintains a five-star rating in the App Store with more than 3,300 ratings for its current version.

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