Zoho CRM for iPhone & Blackberry

Business software-as-a-service provider Zoho has released two updates to its Zoho CRM product line in the Zoho CRM Mobile Edition and support for mobile Web browsers in Zoho CRM. That’s a lot of Zoho.

The Zoho CRM Mobile Edition App, which is available in the Apple App Store and the BlackBerry App Store, enables user to access leads, accounts, contacts, potentials, and activies information stored in Zho CRM. Once installed, the app downloads the CRM information so the data is available even when the device is offline (like when you’re on a plane!).

Both the iPhone and Blackberry apps cost $3 per month for a subscription to the Mobile Edition. If you upgrade your subscription to the Enterprise plan (which starts at $25 per user per month for at least three users), you avoid paying the Mobile $3 monthly fee.

But, of course, it gets better. App users can also locate directions to visit your customer using the ‘Show Map’ feature. You can send emails to customers and prospects and not only can you make calls – but you can also have those calls be automatically logged as an activity inside Zoho CRM.



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